Public Realm

Public realm, it’s a funny term. By that we mean the roads, pavements, squares, parks, seating, lighting and so on that make up our public spaces. The nature of this space plays a significant part in the character of the conservation area.

The Townscape Heritage scheme has an ambition to improve some of this space within Bridlington Quay conservation area; in particular, to redevelop Garrison Square and 'de-clutter' Cliff Street. We want to encourage more people to walk from the main shopping areas, down Cliff Street to the sea front. We also want to make Garrison Square a nicer place to sit and watch the world go by, perhaps whilst eating your fish and chips.

Enhancing the conservation area
Over time ‘clutter’ starts to grow in an area, such as traffic signs, bollards, a-boards, uncoordinated lighting and paving…Whilst each item individually was placed there for a reason it can add up to impact negatively on an area. 

We would like to reduce this clutter over time and will be looking at what things need to be there and if there are any opportunities to ‘de-clutter’ items.

Town Centre Seafront Public Realm 
You will have seen work is well underway on Garrison Square, Garrison Street and Esplanade. The works on Garrison Square, supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, incorporate new paving, seating and lighting to enable you to enjoy your Fish and Chips, and other treats with the fantastic sea views in a high quality space. New high-quality pedestrain and vehicular surfaces are also being installed along Garrison Street and Esplanade. The works will result in a much improved appearance in this prominent and important location within the Bridlington Quay Conservation Area. 

Conservation Area Management
Bridlington Quay is a conservation area. This means that it has been recognised for its special architectural and historic interest. The conservation area has different characteristics, from the bustle of the seafront, the industry of the harbour to the shopping area around Chapel Street and King Street. Designation as a conservation area helps to protect this special interest and so there are different planning policies in conservation areas. However, it does not mean that change cannot happen - but that changes should enhance the area!

One of the main ways we will be improving the conservation area is through more coordinated management. The Bridlington Quay Conservation Area Management and Maintenance Plan sets out our approach in more detail.

Recording the condition of the conservation area is important so that we can monitor if it is improving or otherwise and so the council is currently completing annual monitoring surveys during the project's lifetime. If you would be interested in learning how to conduct a conservation area survey then get in touch.

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